ACal Calendar Project

A new kind of web app.


About this Project ACal is a web based event calendar designed in such a way so that anyone can use it. One of the main focuses is to keep things simple which is why starting with version 3 no configuration is required in order to get started.
The calendar is written in PHP and starting with ACal 3, PHP 5 is required.

License Information The ACal calendar is released under the Gnu General Public License.

Who's Who? Arthur Wiebe is the administrator and main developer.
Jean-Pierre Chevalier has helped out a lot as a tester.
And many others have helped out in smaller ways as well. Such as submitting patches or testing.

History of ACal In 2003 Arthur Wiebe developed a really simple calendar which was used in a calendar hosting service for awhile. After that proved to be too much work because each calendar had to be setup manually, he converted it to an open source project.
In March of 2004 the ACal Project was started on We released version 1.7.2 on March 31st and people actually used it. It was still based on the original code which used SSI and a really basic Perl script. Everything else was static HTML.
During the 1.8.x series Arthur started to use PHP for password protection because many people were having problems with Apache's Basic Authentication feature. Or it simply wasn't available. He then relealized that PHP is a really great language and rewrote the entire calendar using PHP.
The rewrite became version 2.0. It was really a playing ground for learning PHP but because people used it and liked it, it was maintained but eventually proved to be too difficult to maintain. As a result the calendar was rewritten again and the result is ACal 3. Over time many individuals have graciously contributed to the project.

How can I Help? Good question! ;)
The best way is to find a bug and fix it. Or if you are good at testing report bugs. If you are a good coder fix bugs or add features. Submit your stuff (see the links on the left) and you will get noticed.
If you would like to get CVS/Subversion repository access submit a lot of patches and I'll get tired of checking them in and let you do it ;)

How can I get the Latest Source? You can either download a recent snapshot or checkout the latest source from the ACal Project's Subversion repository which is highly recommended if you are interested in submitting patches.
From the terminal or command line enter:

 svn co calendar
Or for ACal 3 use:
 svn co calendar

This will checkout the very latest source.
Or you can also browse the SVN repository.

To create a patch diff, please use the svn diff command. For example, from inside the calendar directory you could do this:

svn diff > mypatch.diff