ACal Calendar Project

A new kind of web app.


There are a few ways you can get support. First, read the documentation. Second, ask in the Help Forum. Third, pay a developer to make helping you a priority.

For example if there is a bug you want fixed or a feature you want added. You can pay a developer to do it for you. How? That and more is what this page is about.

Free Help

For free help see the Help Forum if what you are looking for is not found in the Documentation. Always check the docs first before asking in the forum or emailing somebody.

Paid Help

If you would like to pay somebody to fix a bug or add a feature, first contact Arthur Wiebe. If he doesn't jump on it, the offer will be posted for anybody to take. When it has been done you will pay the person responsible.

Or if you would like to pay somebody to help you. Once again contact Arthur and you will be sent further details.

Paying for help isn't the only way you can get it but it's a simple way to support the project.